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Tropical Marine Centre has been Europe's leading supplier of ethically-sourced marine livestock to the trade for over 40 years, as well as manufacturer and distributor of quality, innovative products for the aquarium, planted aquarium and pond.

Marine Fish & Invertebrates

  • TMC is Europe's leading supplier of marine fish and invertebrates to the trade offering an unparalleled range of marine fish and invertebrates from the largest aquarium-based holding facilities in Europe. Tropical Marine Centre's pioneering work on welfare and environmental issues, relating to the collection and importation of marine fish, has established it as a centre of excellence and technical expertise within the ornamental marine fish industry.
  • TMC works closely with its worldwide suppliers to ensure that the most rigorous welfare and environmental standards are met and everything possible is done to ensure that livestock is net caught. On arrival at TMC, livestock is carefully acclimatised in our state-of-the-art holding facilities to ensure that the fish and inverts reach the customer in peak physical condition.
  • TMC's on-site hatchery is the leading centre of excellence in marine propagation, offering customers a tank-raised and disease-free alternative to a number of popular wild caught reef species.

Aquarium & Pond Products

  • TMC manufactures and distributes a range of market leading aquatic equipment including UV sterilisers, UV pond clarifiers, protein skimmers, ozonisers, monitors, chillers, filtration equipment and pumps, as well as a range of accessories and spares.
  • TMC also supplies a wide range of consumable products for the aquarium including synthetic sea salt, foods, additives, test kits, filtration media, replica rock, synthetic corals and sand and gravel.
  • TMC publishes and distributes a range of high quality, marine books available for sale at www.tmc-publishing.com.

Commercial Products

  • Commercial aquarium filtration equipment designed and built by TMC based on the company's experience of over 30 years as Europe's largest marine fish and invertebrates wholesaler.
  • Most of our commercial equipment is modelled on our state-of-the-art saltwater fish holding facilities.Other commercial products are carefully selected products for their quality and reliability.
  • Products suitable for marine & freshwater fish hatcheries and nurseries, R & D projects, shellfish depuration and specialist aquatic displays.
  • We can also design custom built systems and components.